Financial Advice

DeMontfort Professional Wealth Management LLP is a firm of Independent Financial Advisers that provides advice to individuals and companies on all aspects of financial planning. De Montfort takes a long term approach to fully understand its clients’ needs, desires and aspirations in order to prioritise financial planning objectives.

DPWM provides independent financial planning advice for individuals as well as medium sized companies and businesses. The Financial Advisers within the group work in association with other professional advisers, such as Accountants and Solicitors, to ensure that advice given suitably fulfils their clients’ short, medium and long term financial objectives. By a process of thorough fact-finding, the DPWM Financial Advisers ensure they know their clients and their clients’ exact financial circumstances prior to giving any advice.

All advice offered by DeMontfort Professional Wealth Management is impartial and independent. With over 200 years’ experience between them, the Partners and Advisers have developed long standing client relationships that has driven the continued success of the organisation. The Company is committed to staying abreast of technology and legislative changes to ensure that it maintains a high profile, high credibility market presence, and is recognised as a major force in the rapidly changing Independent Financial Adviser sector within the United Kingdom.

At DeMontfort, the belief is that professional financial planning advice will add significant value to individuals and businesses. That is why JS Law is delighted to recommend DWPM to deliver a comprehensive service designed to create real value for our clients that helps them achieve their financial objectives. As your partner in building wealth and security, the team at DeMontfort focuses on ways to help you to live the life that you want to live.

Choosing a financial partner is one of life’s more important decisions. In selecting DeMontfort Professional Wealth Management, you can be confident that you have a partner dedicated to working with you to fulfil your dreams.